I thought it would be useful to lay out a few details about HANA Distinguished Engineer Council, for information and for transparency.

The idea behind the HANA Distinguished Engineer program came from a collaboration between Deloitte’s Harald Reiter, Bluefin’s John Appleby, Independent Jon Reed and then IBM’s Vijay Vijayasankar – with a contribution from SAP Board Member Vishal Sikka, SAP Marketing’s Amit Sinha and David Hull.

The original council was therefore, self-appointing, and Michael Eacrett joined to represent SAP HANA whilst David has since left.

What does the Council do?

The council primarily has the following charter:

  • Appoint and retire HANA Distinguished Engineers and council members
  • Help define topics for internal webinars and external speaking events
  • Promote the HANA Distinguished Engineers

When does the Council meet?

There isn’t a regular schedule, but there is a call most months.